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Originally a Texas native, I learned that I was interested in becoming a therapist, after going to therapy at the age of 16. Those counseling sessions quickly turned from talking about my personal struggles, to long conversations about how someone would become a therapist. From there I was hooked, taking every chance I could to learn more about psychology in the pursuit of becoming someone dedicated to helping others. I moved to Seattle in 2018 in order to pursue my undergraduate degree in psychology. While earning my bachelors degree I began focusing my interests in how people develop over their lifetimes, the effects of parent/ child attachment, and the neuroscience behind our emotions.

As I transitioned into graduate school, pursuing my degree in Marriage and Family therapy, I began learning about how people and relationships worked, which fascinated me. There I learned to view people as the sum of their parts, and as an extension of a larger system of interconnected people around them. At this time I also began focusing my ideas into specific models of how I intended to conduct therapy with people. In this, I blend both Solution Focused and Experiential therapy together in order to impart change on people. These models work together to highlight problems in thinking and in behavior that people seem to be stuck in, and then develop a way to get unstuck.

Since graduating, I continue to be committed to continuous learning and developing my areas of interest. I am learning more about the effects of abuse in childhood, Narcissism in caregivers, and the effects of wealth inequality on mental health. I commit myself strongly to help break down the barriers of entry for people to have access to mental health services, by providing pro bono work, supporting charity organizations, and increasing the conversation around how to make mental health services more accessible for everyone.

In my personal time, you will often find me trying new restaurants in Seattle, where I live with my wife and cat, Pixel. If I’m not eating somewhere new I am watching the latest horror or arthouse movies (ask for movie recommendations), going to concerts, perusing museums, cooking a new dish, or relaxing at home playing video games. And if I am not doing any of that, then there is a revolving door of other hobbies that come through my life like, playing guitar, reading, baking bread, building model kits, or some diy project.

I enjoy working with couples and families, as well as individually with clients 13 or older. In this work, I specialize in a wide range of topics like, family dynamics and conflict, men’s issues, narcissistic personality (NPD), as well as having a large knowledge base in topics such as ADHD, depression and anxiety, marital and premarital counseling, parenting, suicidal ideation, and trauma and PTSD. Thank you so much for reading more about me and I hope we will have the opportunity to work together!