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Welcome to Larch Counseling

My name is Dan Claussen, and I am the founder of Larch Counseling. I embarked on the journey of building a counseling practice because I wanted to create an environment and structure that would best serve the people we work with. We see everyone as unique and valuable, and I hope that after looking through our website, you will feel comfortable to begin working with someone from our team.

Counseling for Change

We help hurting adolescents, overwhelmed parents, disconnected couples, and everyone in-between find hope that things can be different in their lives. That life can be lived without a constant feeling of frustration, pain, sadness or being misunderstood. A life that is full of connection and lacks conflict. Once this hope is realized, I work with you to achieve this healthier way of living.

ReStorying lives

We believe people have a relationship with a problem, and are not themselves the problem. When we start from this viewpoint, we are able to work together to figure out ways to remove the influence of problems on your life, while at the same time building on your own strengths. For example, an adolescent is not a depressed kid, but is influenced by depression to feel worthless or sad. Whatever the problem is, it is not the identity of the person, but something that influences them and their actions. This point of view is different than the story we are often hearing about ourselves or our family. During our work together, we will develop a new way of viewing the situation, and ReStory your life without the problem.

The Importance of Family in Counseling

Counseling is most effective when we view people as complex creatures, influenced by biology, environment, and relationships. Because of this, we will often ask family members of children and adolescents to participate in the counseling experience in some capacity. We do not see any member of the family as the problem, but see them as part of the solution. How involved other members of the family are in the counseling experience is something we will decide throughout our work together.

The Significance of the Larch Name

If you are interested in understanding the meaning behind the Larch Name, please read my blog post “The Significance of the Larch Name”