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If you are launching a practice as an associate, you are in a unique space of needing to wear several hats, while learning in several areas, simultaneously! You need to navigate how to structure, licenses, run, and promote your practice. At the same time, you are balancing how to grow as a therapist in your clinical skills while working towards licensure.

To help those who are interested in launching and growing a practice as an Associate, we have created Supervision for Practice Owners. Run by an AAMFT approved supervisor, it will meet the requirements to count as supervision towards licensure for LMHC, LMFT, and several others.

Supervision for Practice Owners is led by Dan Claussen, whose bio is below.

Group Supervision for Practice Owners (3-6 Members for LMFTA’s)
This group meets once a month on Monday’s for 3 hours, from 9:30-12:30. It meets 10 times from September-June, with a break over the summer. In order to meet the standard of Group Supervision according to WAC 246-809-110, the group can have 3-6 associate members. It cost $648 for each appointment, regardless of how many members are in attendance. If you have 6 members, the cost per supervision hour can be as low as $36 per Associate! This group can be done virtually, via a Larch Hosted Zoom meeting, in person in Duvall, or in person in the greater Seattle area (A $50 driving fee would be added to the cost of the group). At this point, we do not have a miscellaneous group that individuals can sign up for, so the group is formed by you ahead of time.

Individual Supervision for Practice Owners (1-2 Members for LMHCA’s, and LMFTA’s)
Induvial Supervision for practice owners meets twice a month for 2 hours on Mondays (Time TBD). It meets 18-20 times from September-June (depending on holidays and reschedules), with a break over the summer. There are options to continue over the summer months with adjusted appointment times and days. To meet the standard of Individual Supervision, also defined as “one-on-one supervision” according to WAC 246-809-110, and “Immediate Supervision,” as defined by WAC 246-809-210, Individual Supervision for practice owners can support 1-2 associate members. It cost $350 per appointment, regardless of how many members are in attendance. These appointments can be done virtually, through a Larch Hosted Zoom meeting, in person in Duvall, and in person in the greater Seattle area (A $50 driving fee would be added to the cost).


Practice Consulting

Thinking about the idea of building a practice but still have questions that need answers to fully know if it is right for you? Maybe you are ready to launch a practice and don’t know where to start. Maybe you are already in the trenches with your practice and need some guidance to get things unstuck or take it to the next level. Whether you are launching a practice, stabilizing a practice, optimizing a practice, launching a program in a school setting, converting your practice into one with employees or private contractors, or some other business endeavor in the practice realm, it is beneficial to have a mentor. As a business with many avenues, Larch Counseling Practice Consultation can provide a variety of guidance. Before Larch began, owner, Dan Claussen, engaged in various forms of business consulting, and has continued to do so at different developmental cycles of Larch’s journey, from individual consulting, to business groups focused on larger practice structure. As a business owner, you will always find the things that are unique to your company, AND there are also a lot of things that are common across companies. Business consulting helps you put your energy into conceptualizing new ideas, rather than reinventing the wheel in areas of common practice.

Practice Consulting Structure
Practice Consulting is designed as as-needed support when you go through different developmental periods in your business; most often, when you are brainstorming the idea of launching, converting to a team, creating a new program, or having other growth points.

Appointments are scheduled as needed and billed at $150 per half hour. It is encouraged to think through questions ahead of time to utilize the time well.

Practice Consulting is provided by Dan Claussen, who’s bio is below.


Dan Claussen and Larch’s Development

Clinical, Educational, and Person-Centered Experience
I received my AAMFT Approved Supervisor Designation in 2021. I began my candidacy and started supervising in 2019. I received my Master of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy from Seattle Pacific University in 2016, and my Bachelors of Arts in Youth Ministry from Moody Bible Institute of Chicago in 2012. I started seeing clients as a Marriage and Family Therapist for Larch Counseling in 2016. Before I began working as a private practitioner, I worked as a clinical intern at Compass Health in the family clinic, consulting with young kids, adolescents, and their families from Sep 2014-Jun 2016. I also worked as a High School Youth Director at Redemption Church for the 2014-2015 academic year, and interned as the Junior High Pastor at the Duvall Church for a year in 2010.

I am trained in level 1 and 2 of Lifespan Integration, and participate in monthly CIMBS training.

Business Experience/History of Larch
My experience as a practice owner started in November of 2015 before I graduated from my master’s program in June 2016. As I prepared to graduate, I started creating my branding and set up my sole proprietorship and obtained my business license. However, my business experience goes back even further than that. In 2008, my brother and I began a residential window cleaning company to support ourselves while we were attending school in Chicago. Over the course of the next nine years, we expanded it to include many other services, filling different needs as we saw them arise. We eventually moved it back home to the greater Seattle area, grew it to the point of hiring employees for the last three years, and eventually sold it in 2017, when I made the launch into full time counseling.

In my development of Larch Counseling, I began consulting with people, building a business plan, and developing the business name, and branding, long before I saw my first client. Business plans are fluid things, so it evolved and changed over the course of the first year as the theoretical plan hit the practical function of real-world application. Six months into my practice, I hit my caseload goal to be able to enter fulltime counseling. 15 months after my first client with Larch, I realized the practice needed to change, and after a few more months of consulting and planning, in December 2017, I made the decision to convert Larch to a PLLC in preparation for hiring Larch’s first employee. In the next 5 months, I created procedures and policies, and began interviews to bring on a team member to my single office practice. In May of 2018, I offered my first position to Aubrey Lane, who is now acting as Larch Counseling PLLC’s Clinical Director.

In early 2019, we expanded to a four-office suite to prepare for growth and brought on a few more team members. That same year, we began our clinical internship program to invite new therapists the opportunity to engage with the community. We also responded to a crisis in our community, and from that, established programs within our local school district to provide psychotherapy to students on campus in the fall of 2019. In December 2020, after nearly a year of the global COVID-19 pandemic, we saw a strong need in our neighboring community, and launched our second office location in North Bend, Washington. Within a few months, the trail proved to have a strong prediction of success with a huge need in the community. We made the decision to make a permanent home in a newly vacant office space created by the pandemic. We built out a four-office suite and slowly staffed it with clinical interns and licensed clinicians. Our Duvall location continues to grow, as well, and we expanded in 2022 by adding a 5th office room to our suite. The journey of business ownership always continues and culture and needs change and I look forward to seeing how Larch continues to support the communities we are in, and beyond.


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