Garret Patterson

A Little About Me Originally from Texas, I moved to Seattle to live with my wife (and my cat, Pixel) to attend college at Seattle Pacific University for my undergraduate and graduate degree. Since being here I have fallen in love with the weather, mountains, and people I have come to know. I am overjoyed … Continue reading

Alexandria Packard

A Little About Me I grew up here in Duvall, and am well acquainted with our small (yet growing!) town. I am deeply aware of the joys and hardships that come with living in a rural area, and believe it is such a gift to be able to support the community in which I was … Continue reading

Victoria Morgan

A Little About Me I was born and raised in Washington. My husband and I have two mini-goldendoodles whom we love taking on walks or playing fetch with. I love to spend time outside whether that is on a walk, going for a hike, kayaking, or in the garden. When I am not doing something … Continue reading

Madison Dell

A Little About Me I grew up on the East Coast and spent most of my adult life in Vermont, where I worked with children of all ages in a school-based setting. The children I have worked with have inspired me in many different ways, and some of my greatest lessons have come from them. … Continue reading

Elliott Duea

A Little About Me I’ve lived in beautiful Western Washington my entire life. I love many other places around the world, but no place has managed to steal me away from the firs and the crisp Pacific Northwest air. I grew up in Gig Harbor, Washington, and I have resided in Seattle since I started … Continue reading

Danielle Smith

A Little About Me I have spent all my life in western Washington and absolutely love the PNW. I was born in Tacoma and moved around the greater Seattle area, while in college, at the University of Washington. 3 years ago, my fiancé and I moved to the Snoqualmie valley, and I cannot see myself … Continue reading

Aubrey Lane

A Little About Me I grew up in the Snoqualmie Valley in a small home nestled against Mt. Si. From the time I was young I have had an affinity for being outside, hiking the mountains in our backyard, and cheering on the UW Huskies. More recently I have found a passion for seeing new … Continue reading

Alexandra Grissom

A Little About Me I was born and raised right outside of Portland, Oregon. I lived in Oregon up until I left for college to attend Seattle Pacific University. I fell in love with Seattle and decided to settle down here. I discovered, during my freshman year of college that I would be able to … Continue reading

Dan Claussen

A Little About Me The majority of my early life has been spent in the Snoqualmie Valley. My family lived in Colorado for 4 years when I was younger, but other than that we lived between Carnation and Monroe. I entered the Riverview School District as a 7th grader, so am intimately aware of the … Continue reading