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Clinical Careers

Are you looking for a career in a private practice setting, but are not interested in the stress of running a business? Do you value the space you work in and understand the importance of it both for you and your clients? Do you want to show up, do solid therapy, interact with your clients and leave the rest of the business responsibilities to Larch Counseling? Are you looking for a team space to feel support and collaboration? If so, we want to partner with you to meet your goals as well as those of Larch Counseling and the community we serve!

Our Fundamental Goal

From the beginning of converting Larch Counseling from a solo practice into a group practice, I have had one foundational business goal: “Create a win, win, win business model”. The first win is for our clients. We want to make sure that growing into a group practice not only continues to meet the needs of our clients, but allows us to serve the community and our clients at a greater capacity. If we cannot meet this goal, then the business fails its primary purpose. The second win is for the employees we hire. We know that if you are not happy, it will not be good for anyone, so we want to create a space that you feel fulfilled and are able to stay long term. The last win is for the business owner. I enjoy developing a business, creating more ways to serve the community, and developing team members professionally and personally.

Our Purpose

We have vision, values, and pillars that guide our company. We are looking for team members who can align with us and help us achieve our mission. You can read the most updated version Here.

Benefits of working for Larch Counseling:

Some of the following benefits are general across multi member practices, and others are unique to working at Larch Counseling:

*Enjoyable work space

*Small team atmosphere

*Balance between feeling the autonomy of a private practice as a clinician, with the support of a team and business structure

*Lower case loads

*Flexible schedules

*The ability to work only with those clients/issues you feel competent with

*The ability to focus on your craft (just being a clinician)

*Funds for a health insurance plan

*Funds for continued education

*Tax withholding (hired as w-2 employees)

*Liability insurance coverage

*Paid personal time off

*Employer pays employees portion of Paid Family and Medical Leave

*Supervision for Associate Licenses

*Competitive Pay: Starting out at $56 per session

People are Happy Here!

Our team members love it here! Read some of the things they are saying by clicking here.

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