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Team Member Testimonials

– I feel supported, trusted, and valued as a Larch employee. I love the team I work with and the beautiful environment that I work in. Serena

– The emphasis on the clinician’s well-being here at Larch has made the environment one where I know I will be able to remain mentally healthy and stay in this field without burnout. It can be rare to find a company where the clinicians “practice what they preach” but here at Larch that is the standard and not the exception. Larch has the perfect balance of team continuity and clinical autonomy. Aubrey

– I love our team of counselors and interns. Everyone works together to cultivate a comfortable, positive atmosphere. It’s the best workplace culture I have ever been a part of. Marcus

– My work-life balance has been phenomenal due to Larch’s supportive work culture. Brittany

– Larch is where I get the support I need to do the work I love. I love our friendly team and the pleasant work environment. Saloumeh

– As an intern at Larch, I feel holistically supported; from intern specific consultation groups to the feedback I receive in supervision. Larch provides the space for us to take care of ourselves so that in turn, we can care for our clients. I feel balanced and respected as a clinician! Abbygail