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Signs Your Teenager is Hurting

Sometimes we become so focused on the effect of our teenager’s behavior that we miss the feeling behind it. We get frustrated with how the fighting with siblings causes disruption in the home, and we focus so intently on stopping the behavior that we miss what is going on inside our kid. Don’t get me … Continue reading

Why is My Teenager Acting Like This?

Often times the behavior of our teenagers can leave us confused and overwhelmed. We scratch our heads and desperately seek answers from wherever we can find them. Whether the behavior is fighting with you and their siblings, harming themselves, withdrawing in a depressed manner, or just simply being angry all the time, we want to … Continue reading

The Significance of the Larch Name

As I present the name Larch Counseling to people, they often wonder if the name has any significance, and it just so happens that it does. When I was thinking of names for my counseling practice, I was drawn to the name because it is a unique name, but also because the Larch is my … Continue reading